West Bridgewater Youth Football teaches young athletes the basics skills of football and cheerleading provide a positive environment in which the children can learn the importance of being a team.while also growing to be role models in their community

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Welcome to wbyfa's home on the web!
Welcome to the new home of West Bridgewater Youth football association.  The new site will help us as a group to be more organized with practice , games and communication.
Hopefully make sign up easier for all.
Adult night fundraiser





We are looking for some raffle donations for the upcoming Jimmy Plunkett fundraiser. Please help support WBYFA. Anything from gift baskets, gift cards, sports memorabilia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Danielle Anderson @ wbcoachdanielle@gmail.com or

Melissa Leonard @ loveyamel1@aol.com

If you have any donations or question.

Thank you in advance.


by posted 10/04/2016
Home Game volunteer schedule updated



Below is the last 2016 home game volunteer schedule.  The only spot needed to be filled is the announcer's spot.  David Lawson has covered these spots the entire season very graciously and very professionally!  Please let me know if anyone else would like to lend their talents.  His son will be moving on to high school football next season and David won't be available.  You will be missed!  Would anyone like to practice for next years games????




10.23.16 game start 11:30 am

Volunteers need to arrive for the first game at 10:00 am

gate: Tony Donofrio

snack shack: 1. Donna Lawson 2.Melissa Leonard

50/50: Natasha Goodine

chain crew: 1. Jeff McDonnell 2. Darren Goodine 3. Allison Wright

video: Michelle Anderson

merch table:Missy Destrampe

announcer: ________________


10.23.16 game start 1:00 pm

Volunteers need to arrive for the second game at 12:30 pm

gate: Jacquie DaSilva

snack shack: 1. Lisa Tosches 2. Susan Polidori

50/50: Lisa Siltanen

chain crew: 1. Scott Robichaud 2. Brian Smith 3. Patrick Destrampe

video: Mike O'Toole

merch table: Kate Delaney

announcer: ________________


10.23.16 game start 2:30 pm

Volunteers need to arrive for the third game at 2:00 pm

gate: Lindsay Alden

snack shack: 1. Sue Sullivan  2. Tracey Perkins

50/50: Katie Murphy

chain crew: 1.Chris Varney 2. Craig Spence 3. Patrick Destrampe

video: Heather Jenness

merch table: Julie Clark

announcer: ________________





by posted 09/08/2016
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